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Mary and Tim Livingston have been hunting with and raising Golden Retrievers since 1986. They enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle and spending time with their grandchildren.


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Redtail Golden Retrievers - Pheasant Hunting

We’re often asked about the origins of the name REDTAIL for our dogs. We first used REDTAIL for the name of our small publishing company, Red Tail Publishing. In the early 2000’s Red Tail Publishing had a line of blank note cards that featured the working golden puppy, called RedTailGold. As we began to share our hobby of working goldens on our publishing website, www.redtail.com, we also began using the name of REDTAIL for a family dog name. This was fitting since the deep rust tone of our dark Golden Retrievers is like the rufous color of the Red-tailed Hawk.

Golden Retrievers vary in shade from light blonde to dark gold. Sometimes we're contacted by people who think that they have a REDTAIL golden, because their dog is “dark gold” not understanding that REDTAIL is the family name of our dogs, not a breed name. REDTAIL is the family name. Golden Retriever is the breed.

Redtail Golden Retrievers - Kate and Bo


Mr. Golden Bojangles III, August 9, 1986 - May 24, 2001

Breeder: Rod and Anita Hobson of Golden Glen.

Bo was the first REDTAIL, before we were REDTAIL. When he came home, our youngest son was born within a few weeks and our eldest son was just 13 months. We had a house full of babies and Bo fit right in.

      Grandpup of Golden Glen's Mighty Chief MH *** and FC AFC Sungold Lad's Talisman OS FDHF, Bo was a faithful hunter and companion for many years. Even after he retired from hunting, and was the official housedog, he still ventured into the field at our home for a pheasant retrieve.

      Bo lived nearly 15 years and was an exceptional dog in the field and at home. Taken to a high level of training, his hunting skills were superior. At the time, as a young family with babies, we were unable to devote the resources needed to participate in AKC Hunting Tests. Later, in 2000 as our family grew, we started participating in AKC events.

Bo’s Great-great-grandpup, Jake, graces the home of our Grandchildren. Watching generations of the human canine interaction is truly amazing.

Redtail Golden Retriever - Bo

We've been raising Golden Retrievers since 1986 and have been blessed with many long-lived Golden Retrievers. We strive for genetic diversity, sound health, agreeable temperament, intelligence, train-ability, a good nose, and bird drive.

Prior to breeding, our dogs are screened for hip, elbow, eye, and cardiac disease. We also take advantage of DNA screening for genetic disorders known to effect the Golden Retriever. Our puppies receive early neurological stimulation and exposure to a variety of life experiences including children and birds. Our puppies are dewormed, microchipped, receive age-appropriate vaccinations and a full veterinary examination. All puppies are sold with a limited (non-breeding) registration. A separate breeding addendum is required for established breeders to convert to full registration  after health clearances are complete. Contact us for health warranty details.

We are Members of the Golden Retriever Club of America, an AKC Breeder of Merit Participant and part of the AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Program.

As enthusiasts for the hunting Golden Retriever, we are dedicated to raising quality puppies.

The GRCA provides puppy referral as a convenience to puppy buyers to find out about breeders who are GRCA members and their litters. GRCA takes no responsibility whatsoever for any puppies/dogs that you may acquire through GRCA puppy referral. GRCA is not responsible for any breeder’s sale practices and sales contracts, nor will GRCA be involved in any manner in contract disputes between puppy buyers and breeders. Availability of puppies and conditions of sale are at the sole discretion of the individual breeder. Buyers are encouraged to read ACQUIRING A GOLDEN RETRIEVER, as found on the grca.org website, for general information about obtaining a puppy, to take as much time as necessary to locate a reputable breeder from whom they feel comfortable purchasing a puppy, and to investigate breeders and their puppies thoroughly before committing to a purchase. You are not obligated to purchase a puppy from the breeders whose names you obtain from GRCA puppy referral.