Video Gallery

Video gallery of our dogs, puppies, and offspring. This section of our site is under development with videos being added as time allows.

Gold Rush First Bird

The Gold Rush Litter meets their first bird. "Yukon x Siggy"

Puppy Birth

It's normal for puppies to present head or bottom first when delivering.

Big Sky Litter On the Move

Big Sky Litter on a morning walk. "Canuck x Star"

Puppies on a Stroll

Puppies from the Wild West and Aviation Litters on a morning stroll.

Big Sky Litter First Bird

Puppies from the Big Sky Litter are introduced to birds. Canuck x Star

Rowdy Toy - Rowdy Puppies

North to Alaska Litter, Six-week-old puppies with a rowdy toy. Jake x Phanny

Puppies at Play

North to Alaska Litter at play.

Phanny Pheasant Hunting

Our girl Phanny in the field.

Firestorm Intro to Birds

The Firestorm Litter's first bird.