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Our next anticipated litter will be Spring 2024.

Puppies have gone home...
The Celestial and Volcano puppies have gone home.
Thank you for your interest in our golden retriever puppies. Not every type of dog is a match for every type of home. Our primary focus is a working dog.
Here is the link of questions we ask prospective puppy owners. Even if we talk by phone, this questionnaire must be completed to be considered for a puppy. You will be prompted to schedule a phone interview following your application submission.
Here is a link to our puppy application

Our policy is not to book litters years in advance, rather, we screen applicants for our waiting list then reserve puppies when we have puppies confirmed by ultrasound. Typically, reservations are confirmed at ultrasound and the litters spoken for  shortly after birth. We are currently interviewing applicants for our Spring 2024 waitlist.
Puppies are placed on temperament, not shade of gold.

A few things you should know about our breeding program:
We've been raising Golden Retrievers since 1986. We strive for genetic diversity, sound health, agreeable temperament, intelligence, biddability, a good nose, desire to please, and hunt drive. Prior to breeding, our parent dogs are screened for hip, elbow, eye, and cardiac disease. We also take advantage of DNA screening for genetic disorders known to affect the Golden Retriever.

Our puppies are raised with a full-time care provider. Our puppies receive early neurological stimulation, early scent introduction and exposure to a variety of life experiences including children, cats, game birds, and swimming (weather permitting).

Our puppies are dewormed, microchipped, receive age-appropriate vaccinations based on maternal antibodies, and a full veterinary examination. Puppy owners receive lifetime registration in AKC Reunite microchip recovery service and lifetime breeder support. Puppy owners receive exclusive access to our Facebook Redtail Golden Owners group. Health warranty details are included in the contract which is sent for review later in the process.

Our puppies are not sold sight unseen. We don’t ship puppies under any circumstance. The Redding Airport (RDD) is only 20 minutes from our home. Sacramento (SMF) is 2.25 hours. San Francisco (SFO) is 3.5 hours, but can be much longer depending on traffic.  Owners who fly home transport their new family member in the cabin with them. Other owners drive depending on the distance. The farthest someone has flown to pick up a pup over the years is from Austria. The longest drive someone has done is from the East Coast.

We are located in Anderson, CA if you would like to calculate drive time. We follow strict bio- security protocols on all puppy interactions.

We are Members of the Golden Retriever Club of America, an AKC Breeder of Merit Participant, part of the AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Program, rated Good Dog Excellent, and an Avidog Puppy rearing associate. We actively participate in continuing breeder education, keeping up to date on the latest science in puppy rearing.

As enthusiasts for the hunting Golden Retriever, we are dedicated to raising quality puppies that do well in both field and home.

We look forward to getting to know more about your search for a golden puppy. Not every type of dog is a match for every type of home. If we don’t believe we can accommodate your needs for a puppy, we’re happy to refer you to another quality breeder who raises golden retriever puppies as we do. 
Again, here is the form link:

Thank you for your patience, we receive many inquiries.